23 days and Empty Shop HQ is GO !

23 days and Empty Shop HQ is GO !

So, our first post and it’s a doozey: As you might know Empty Shop has been working for months to finalise a deal for our first ever permanent venue. The process began quite some time ago, last summer in fact but that’s another story. . .

Today Carlo and myself went into town to hand over our first rent cheque for the new premises. Going in it looked as though we were going to encounter yet another delay as we’d been told we couldn’t have access until after the money cleared. Far from ideal being only 23 days from our grand opening.

We decided we’d pop in anyway to do a bit of planning and tidying and soon we had built up a dust storm so big it threatened to engulf everything around us. As we coughed and spluttered our way around, Carlo received an email informing us that the decision had been made to accept the cheque in good faith: the floor we were standing on was officially ours!

So, work begins on getting Empty Shop HQ ship shape and ready to receive all of you lovely visitors in only 23 days time. Safe to say it’s going to be pretty chaotic and we’ll keep you abreast of all the information with loads of updates. For now though I’ll leave you folks with one thought…