Exhibition: Jock Mooney

Exhibition: Jock Mooney

‘The Eyes Turn’d Inward for the Nightmare was Real’

The official blurb describes it as this…

“Jock Mooney constructs a world populated by grotesque characters, weird animals, lurid flowers and morphed effigies of historical, mythical and religious figures. Equally bizarre objects, composed of fingers, bones and fried eggs, take the form of memorial wreaths. Mooney creates a carnivalesque horror show that raises a distorted mirror to the modern world. Junk food, pop icons, religion, history, and art are all fair game, and Mooney takes no prisoners. “

…yup, that’s fairly accurate. This opened last night at VANE’s new space on Pilgrim Street in Newcastle and is one of the best exhibitions I have seen in a while. Now, this was always going to be my kind of show; I’m a fan of Mooney’s work and if you were to categorise it this is ‘my kind of art’ – but forgetting that there is a consistent quality that runs throughout every piece. The craftsmanship and detail is pretty impressive.

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