Friday 23rd July – Our 2nd opening and it’s a BIG one…

Friday 23rd July – Our 2nd opening and it’s a BIG one…

Empty Shop HQ - 2nd opening

Ok this is going to be a long one so for those of you who can’t be bothered to read the breakdown here it is in a nutshell –

  • Friday 23rd July
  • Massive night of art
  • Set over two venues
  • 4 exhibitions
  • Paper Jam comic book launch
  • Salford Zine Library in the North East for the fist time
  • Poetry & performance
  • Loads of fun

Durham Art Gallery: 6pm – 8pm – then onto Empty Shop HQ: 8:30pm – 10:30pm

***We will gather at Empty Shop HQ at 5:45 to lead people up to the Durham Art Gallery, so join us there first and we can head up together***

Everyone is welcome to the opening on Friday night
Open Saturday: 11am – 5pm
Open Sunday:11am – 4pm

It’s been a while since we had the opening night here at HQ, it’s been a busy time settling in and getting things flowing. Anyway, we are pretty excited to announce our 2nd opening on July 23rd with a varied range of collaborations.

What are You Like?

The main collaboration is with the Durham Art Gallery. On the same evening they will be launching their big summer show ‘What Are You Like?’ an illustration exhibition based on the Victorian parlour game featuring work by some pretty big names such as David Shrigley, Quentin Blake, Brian Eno and Elton John to name a few and they asked Empty Shop to work with them on the event.

We were more than happy to combine forces and take a bit of the Empty Shop ethos to the DLI so we set to work on programming some exhibitions and events to accompany the night. Here’s a run down of what we are bringing to the table:

Art… and that

art... and that

A specially commissioned comic made by the awesome guys at Paper Jam Comics Collective. We are big fans of Paper Jam and have shown work by them in the past. With the DAG’s exhibition showcasing big name talent we thought it would be a great opportunity to show off some local talent. The folks over at Paper Jam have created a special art themed edition of their ‘…and that’ series and will also selling their back catalogue.

Salford Zine Library

Salford Zine Library

We love DIY. We love people doing things for themselves and creating for the love of it. Salford Zine Library is an amazing collection of self published, small press, DIY comics and zines from all over. The guys do an amazing job of collecting and keeping the library together and we are delighted to be bringing it up to the North East for the first time. This amazing collection will be available to browse for two weeks at the Durham Art Gallery. If anyone makes zines and would like to submit theirs to the collection get in touch with the guys.

Giant Pictionary – we like fun and we especially like fun at openings so that’s why we decided to suggest a giant game of pictionary on the wall! This should be going on throughout the opening and possibly the duration of the exhibition.

Empty Shop HQ after show event – when the fun ends at the DAG it continues at HQ with our second opening our new building. Come join us for some art, drinks and good ol’fashioned socialising – here’s what’s in store:


  • The FreeBirds studio group showcase – an exhibition showcasing the work of the FreeBirds featuring work of varying disciplines and styles.
  • Some poetry and performances curated by Empty Shop Exhibitions Coordinator Jonny Atkinson
  • Beermat Show – The brainchild of our friends Temporary Art Space, the Beermat Show an expanding collection of beermat art and a touring exhibition. It comes to Empty Shop HQ for the opening night and we are looking for submissions to add to the collection.

*If you have ever drawn, scribbled or doodled on a beermat, send it to us at

Empty Shop HQ,
35c Framwellgate Bridge,

What Are You Like? – click here
Durham Art Gallery – click here
Salford Zine Library – click here
Paper Jam Comics Collective – click here
Beermat Show – click here