Open call: Exhibition submissions for new space

Open call: Exhibition submissions for new space

We are opening up our next ’empty shop’ style art space in October and are looking for exhibition submissions. The space is well suited for a small group show, sculpture and installation, as well as having nice wall space. An former council unit in a fairly modern building means there are no aged nooks and crannies; instead what we have this time is a nice minimalist space with big windows and lots of light.

We will be programming an exhibition or event approximately every two weeks in the lead up to xmas and we are finalising the programme over the next 3 weeks. If you would like to submit an exhibition proposal please email

There is no cost associated with using the space and there will be support from us.

Submission deadline: Friday 12th October

Photos and measurements of the space will go up once we have access and we will be posting full details in due course… in the mean time, get sending!