The Zine Library Needs YOU

The Zine Library Needs YOU

The Salford Zine Library is the biggest collection of selfprinted books, comics and other publications in the UK and after a period without a home they’ve now secured a new place for you to browse! Whilst it couldn’t be better placed in terms of location in Manchester’s Norther Quarter sadly the building needs a bit of the empty shop treatment, as you’ll see in the video at 

Some of you may remember the collaboration that brought the Zine Library to Durham Art Gallery in Summer 2010, some of you may even have contributed your own books. Now you can contribute in another way by sticking some money in the pot and getting some nice swag out of the deal!

We’re incredibly excited and if you chip in then you can join us for a trip down to the new grand opening*

For £5! You get an invite to the opening launch night.

For £10! You also receive a freshly burnt DVD of the Salford Zine Library film ‘Self-Publishers of the World Take Over.’

For £20! Add to it a guided tour of the 3 x 5 metres room with head librarian Craig John Barr.

And for £50 and upwards! You get all of the previously mentioned plus you can pick an original piece of artwork listed from my website portfolio.

*You’l have to pay your own transport and hotel obviously but our company is free!