Back for its 2nd year, DJAZZ: The Durham City Jazz Festival brings you an eclectic mix of contemporary and traditional jazz set against the backdrop of some of Durham’s most intriguing venues. 

** Please note, there will be no reduced day tickets or individually priced events. The flat fee of £10 gives you access to all events **

DJAZZ – The Durham City Jazz Festival brings together a number of different musical styles, groups, networks and audiences in the small but perfectly formed city of Durham. Festival-goers gain access to over 30 events ranging from intimate sets in hidden locations to big names in big venues! Think everything from cafes, bookshops and barbers to bars, venues and stunning historic buildings.

In our second year we’ve brought you a fantastic roster of national acts who are tearing up the UK jazz scene including festival headliner Soweto Kinch. At the same time we bring you the absolute best from the regional and student scenes which make up the jazz landscape in Durham and contribute to the city’s growing profile as a hotbed for the genre.

DJAZZ is brought to you by AT THE ROOT & Empty Shop in partnership with Durham University Jazz Society.

New partners this year also include:
Jazz North
Jazz Plus Productions
Culture Durham

This partnership led approach enables us to deliver a festival which reflects the city that inspired its creation. Bringing together musicians and audiences from the region, the university and further afield, the festival utilises some of the fantastic venues and spaces in this historic city.

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We are excited to announce the venues for this year’s festival. You’ll see a mix of some favourites from last year and new additions for 2018. Once again we’ll be utilising some of the interesting and intriguing spaces that the city has to offer including Durham’s oldest building, The Norman Chapel, and our overlooked gem, Redhills, which this year will host the Saturday night headliner. Check these out…

Fowlers Yard – Festival Hub & main stage
The Barber of Neville
The Norman Chapel – Part of Durham Castle, this is the City’s oldest building
Old Cinema Launderette
Redhills: Durham Miners Hall
Claypath Delicatessen
The Courtyard Cafe
Jam Jah @ Alington House
The People’s Bookshop
Empty Shop HQ

Line up (see below for dates, times and venues)

Soweto Kinch > Skeltr > John Pope & Faye MacCalman > Sloth Racket > Robocobra Quartet > Paul Edis > North East Super Jam > J Frisco > Jambone > Riviera Quartet > Alter Ego > Zoe Gilby Duo > Early Nite > Shatner’s Bassoon > Cathedral City > PYJÆN > Zach Fox With Strings > Chronotic > Francis Tulip Quartet > Julija Jacenaite Tio > DU Jazz Soc Septet > Breakout Brass Band > Terminally Chill > Rab > The Niffi Osiyemi Trio > The Poetry Experiment > Rob & Evie Sing! > WTFunk > Stu Collingwood + Mo Scott > Alan Glen Trio > The Shunyata Improvisation Group > Andy Lawrenson Trio > Milne & Glendinning

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Friday 1st June:

The Norman Chapel 7:00 PM Zoe Gilby Duo
Claypath Delicatessen 7:00 PM Cathedral City
The Courtyard Cafe 7:30 PM Juliane Deil Trio
The Courtyard Cafe 8:30 PM Paul Edis
Empty Shop HQ 9:00 PM Early Nite
Empty Shop HQ 10:00 PM Robocobra Quartet

Saturday 2nd June

Fowlers Yard 12:30 PM Chronotic Brass
Fowlers Yard 13:00 PM Break Out Brass Band
Fowlers Yard 14:30 PM Rob & Evie Sing!
The Courtyard Cafe 14.30 PM Andy Lawrenson Trio
Fowlers Yard 15:30 PM Terminally Chill
Empty Shop HQ 16:00 PM Francis Tulip Quartet
Fowlers Yard 17.00 PM Alter Ego
Claypath Delicatessen 17:00 PM Julija Jacenaite Trio
The Barber of Neville 18:00 PM J Frisco
Redhills: Durham Miners Hall 18:00 PM Jambone
Redhills: Durham Miners Hall 19:15 PM Soweto Kinch Trio
Jam Jah @ Allington House 20:30 PM The Poetry Experiment
Jam Jah @ Allington House 21:00 PM PYJAEN
Empty Shop HQ 21:15 PM Riviera Quartet
Jam Jah @ Allington House 22:00 PM North East Super Jam
Jam Jah @ Allington House 12:00 AM Jam Jah afterparty

Sunday 3rd June

Fowlers Yard 12:00 PM WTFunk?
The People’s Bookshop 1:00 PM Shunyata Improvisation Group
Fowlers Yard 1:30 PM Zach Fox with Strings
Fowlers Yard 3:00 PM Milne and Glendinning
Fowlers Yard 4:30 PM Niffi Osyemi Trio
Empty Shop HQ 4:30 PM Shatner’s Bassoon
The Barber of Neville 5:15 PM John Pope & Faye Maccalman
Fowlers Yard 18:00 PM Stu Collingwood feat. Mo Scott
Empty Shop HQ 19:00 PM DU Jazz Soc Septet
Fowlers Yard 20:00 PM Sloth Racket
Old Cinema Launderette 20:00 PM Alan Glen Trio
Jam Jah @ Allington House 21:00 PM RAB
Jam Jah @ Allington House 22:00 PM Skeltr


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