July 22, 2017 @ 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Floor 2
25 North Road, Durham

Hannah Fletcher @ TESTT Space 

We invite you to join artist in residence Hannah Fletcher for an informal sharing event.

Friday: 6 – 8pm. Showcase & Artist’ talk
Saturday: 2 – 4pm. Group canotype workshop @ Wharton Park

Hannah is a photographic artist who works primarily without a camera. This Friday and Saturday is your chance to discover her method and see a series of new works made using materials collected on walks and bike rides around Durham city in the past week. Collecting organic materials such as petals and leaves Hannah is producing her own inks which are developed through exposure to sunlight.

On Friday you can see the work Hannah has produced during the last week and attend an informal artist’ talk.

Saturday is your chance to get hands on and learn the cyanotype method for yourself, with a public, group cyanotype at Wharton Park.*

*Meet at TESTT Space at 1.45pm or join in at the park after 2pm.

Hannah is our first artist in residence from the University of the Arts London. Following a series of career development talks earlier this year Hannah was selected as the recipient of a fully funded residency at TESTT Space.

“I am a London based photographic artist, graduating from London College of Communication, University of the Arts London in 2017 with a Batchelor of Arts in Photography.
I work primarily with photographic materials, but also enjoy incorporating other practices and mediums into my work such as bookbinding, paper making, film and sculpture. My interests lie in working with the environment and organic materials. I find the challenge of intertwining the organic into the photographic medium particularly interesting and stimulating. I am drawn to this haphazard, unpredictable way of making images. Attempting to control and dictate the outcome, but, more often than not, failing. It becomes a collaboration between the materials and me.
My artists practice thrives by limitations, often focusing around one particular material, working to understand its importance, capability and potential as an artistic medium and tool of opportunity. I believe that art holds the ability to raise questions and challenge the social understanding in society. It is essential to use art as a sight of connectivity to create a discourse surrounding contemporary critical issues.”
Email: fletcherhannah(a)hotmail.co.uk