Whatever Happened to Vandal Raptor?

April 12, 2018 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Floor 2. 26 North Road
DH1 4SG Durham
Pay what you decide
Vandal Factory Theatre

Whatever Happened To Vandal Raptor? is Henry Raby’s tribute to punk. In 2016 Henry visited the British Library’s exhibition on punk which presented the genre as a packable relic. To kick back, Henry celebrates 40 Years of Punk Rock by breathing hot fiery breath into the spiky spirit of resistance.

Henry is part-compere and part-story- teller. He fuses theatre, spoken-word poetry and live music in a passionate performance that explores themes such as growing up, resistance and friendship. The result is an anarchic, honest and character-driven tale. Channelling the energy of a music gig, Henry invites the audience to contribute to the performance by chanting, singing and advertising local events!

Written and performed by Henry Raby
Directed by Natalie Quatermass


Henry tells the tale of a fictional band called Vandal Raptor, the best dinosaur-themed punk band you’ve never heard of. Anti-commercial, uncompromising, and ever-snarling, the teenagers in Vandal Raptor thought they would change the world one gig at a time. Inevitably the group breaks up and the 3-chord wonders go their separate ways. Our story finds them 10 years later, now in their late 20s, accidentally reunited and Occupying their old stomping ground, The New Rose pub.

How have the bandmates changed? Will they put the band back together? What stands between them and their youthful ideals? Is punk dead? A trailer using footage from dress rehearsal and preview performance can be found on Henry’s YouTube channel, here:

Who is it for?
Whatever Happened to Vandal Raptor? will appeal to anyone who enjoys a lively, character-driven accessible story. The themes appeal to anyone who has ever felt suffocated by society’s expectations, but has found solace in music and inspiration from the people building artistic and active communities.

The performance style makes it perfect for audiences keen on DIY theatre, slam-style poetry/spoken word and live music. Not only does the show invoke the gritty spittle of Sid Vicious and the heartfelt spirit of Joe Strummer, but it draws influence from modern day performance styles. The driving narrative draws upon the urgent story-telling forms of a pogoing Mark Thomas, with the rapid styles of modern poets such as Kate Tempest. Our previous audiences have been a mixture of young students and old school punks. Theatre, music, poetry and literature fans have all enjoyed the show.

“A fresh authentic voice.”  Esther Richardson, Pilot Theatre

“A protest-packed passionate tale of friendship and growing up.” – Sarah Brigham, Derby Theatre

“Henry smashes it every time I see him.” – Mark Grist, Dead Poets & Rogue Teacher

“Henry Raby is an exciting performer with that rare ability to combine humour with sharp political comment.” – Rod Dixon, Artistic Director, Red Ladder

“Welcoming & disarming, Vandal Raptor is a real gem.” – Lucy Skilbeck, Milk Presents

“Whatever Happened to Vandal Raptor? is a perfect demonstration of a performance as
protest, performance as change, and how one person can make a difference by creating a
space where people can be brought together.” ★★★★★ – Broadway Baby