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ground up

Empty Shop CIC is a not-for-profit arts organisation from the North East of England.

Founded in 2008 as a grassroots arts initiative, we have evolved into a multi-faceted leader in cultural regeneration informed by our DIY ethics and ground up approaches.

In our first 12 years we utilised more than 50 different spaces to produce our own projects and programmes and in recent years we have developed our experience in place-based, cultural leadership into a specialist portfolio of products and services via our sibling organisation Building Culture CIC.

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What do we do?

Our practice includes collaborative working with good people across a broad spectrum of culture, from grassroots through to large scale events… plus some self initiated projects that we feel are important.

…and how do we go about that?

Our finely tuned methodology combines our collective experiences of ground up approaches and grassroots culture combined with our vast sector wide experience and partnership working.

We embrace the same intrinsic desire for embedded, authentic and long lasting change that catalysed us to make our home town better all those years ago, applying it to all of our work. Being able to frame those needs at any level means we are uniquely placed to deliver or empower, ultimately affecting real change in a meaningful way.

Oh, one more thing!

We also offer support through our sibling organisation Building Culture CIC; this is our way to lead by example through sharing our placemaking and regeneration expertise at local and sector levels.

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Empty Shop is currently taking a break. After years of delivery we felt it was important to seek new experiences and fresh inspiration and decided it was the perfect opportunity to park things for a while.

We’ve always thought of Empty Shop as an albums band and following that analogy, when we have another good one in us we’ll be back.

>> You can keep up with what Carlo is doing through
>> You can keep us with Nick is doing through

You can still follow Empty Shop on socials, where we’ll continue to support and share all the amazing stuff happening amongst our networks.