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Empty Shop has collaborated with a multitude of partners across 50+ spaces, worked with hundreds
of artists, facilitated thousands of events and hosted nearly 200,000 visitors.

With that level of output and our fluid methodology, documentation of everything is tricky! So, we have highlighted a list of
key projects throughout our 14+ year journey and presented a number of notable case studies and resources.

For a more holistic overview of our work, please see our social media channels.

// More case studies coming soon

Posts from our Medium blog

How to Measure Success in a World of Profit and Prizes

Empty Shop was an idea born out of frustration. It was a platform created to fill a void. A head-on attack on the creative boredom that…

Why We Do The Things We Do The Way We Do Them

On the surface Empty Shop has always seemed to be an organisation that navigates by instinct. We often describe ourselves as ‘Learning by doing’ and say our greatest strength is our flexibility…

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Empty Shop is currently taking a break. After years of delivery we felt it was important to seek new experiences and fresh inspiration and decided it was the perfect opportunity to park things for a while.

We’ve always thought of Empty Shop as an albums band and following that analogy, when we have another good one in us we’ll be back.

>> You can keep up with what Carlo is doing through
>> You can keep us with Nick is doing through

You can still follow Empty Shop on socials, where we’ll continue to support and share all the amazing stuff happening amongst our networks.