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DJAZZ: The Durham City Jazz Festival is a young, eclectic weekend festival of jazz in Durham city developed and delivered in partnership with jazz promoter AT THE ROOT. The festival continues to grow in a dynamic and responsive way whilst staying true to its principles of diversity, inclusion and accessibility.

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DJAZZ: The Durham City Jazz Festival is an annual festival produced by AT THE ROOT and Empty Shop. Established in 2017 to promote collaboration and diversity in the jazz scene, DJAZZ offers a fresh take on the festival format. Utilising a range of venues and pop-up spaces we aim to find new ways to celebrate the genre and reach new audiences. As such the festival is different year on year, shifting and adapting in response to the city, the scene and our ever changing list of partners and collaborators.

DJAZZ offers a fresh take on the festival format and introduce a truly collaborative and accessible platform for jazz in Durham. In 2017 AT THE ROOT (Heather Spencer) and Empty Shop, combined efforts to pull together all the threads of the jazz scene in the region. Merging their own respective jazz outputs (The Empty Shop Jazz Sessions and Durham University Jazz Society 2016-17 respectively) and allowing space to work with other initiatives, this partnership approach allowed for a truly flexible and responsive event. It is from this foundation that the festival grows working with the City as a whole and a whole host of partners & collaborators.

Sustainability & approach
DJAZZ operates as a sustainable festival, meaning we don’t rely on any one source of funding and build in self initiated income streams. We strive to deliver a version of the festival no matter what and always price tickets at a truly accessible level.

It is our firm belief that jazz is for anyone; as a genre its roots spread far and wide meaning that everyone likes some form of jazz, even if they haven’t discovered it yet.

DJAZZ takes place each year at the beginning of June.


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